Plenary or Keynote (one hour lecture)

  1. T. Etzion, Correction of Two-Dimensional Cluster Errors, 10th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding, Cirencester, UK (December 2005).
  2. T. Etzion, Problems on Two-Dimensional Synchronization Patterns, International Workshop on Coding and Cryptology, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China (June 2009).
  3. T. Etzion, Codes and Designs in the Grassmann Scheme, Algebraic, Combinatorics, and Applications, ALCOMA10, Thurnau, Germany (April 2010).
  4. T. Etzion, Error-Correcting Codes in the Projective Space, Workshop on Coding and Cryptology, Singapore (May 2011).
  5. T. Etzion, Error-Correcting Codes in the Projective Space, 3rd International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications, Cardona, Spain (September 2011).
  6. T. Etzion, Automorphisms of Codes in the Grassmann Scheme, Trends in Coding Theory, Ascona, Switzerland (October-November 2012).
  7. T. Etzion, Subspace Codes – Constructions and Bounds,  First European Training School in Network Coding, Barcelona (February 2013).
  8. T. Etzion, Codes and Designs, Mathematics of Communications: Sequences, Codes and Designs, BIRS, Banff  (January 2015).
  9. T. Etzion, Codes and Designs over Vector Spaces, International Workshop on Algebraic Combinatorics at ZJU, Hangzhou, China (September 2015).
  10. T. Etzion, On the structure of q-Steiner systems, Design and Application of Random Network Codes, Istanbul, Turkey (November 2015).

International Symposium on Information Theory

  1. T. Etzion, Constructions of Error-Correcting DC-Free Block Codes, San Diego, California (January 1990).
  2. T. Etzion, New Lower Bounds for Asymmetric Codes, San Diego, California (January 1990).
  3. S. W. Golomb, T. Etzion, and H. Taylor, Sets of Sonar Sequences, Budapest, Hungary (June 1991).
  4. S. Bitan and T. Etzion, Constructions for Optimal Constant Weight Cyclically Per-mutable Codes and Difference Families, Trondheim, Norway (June 1994).
  5. T. Etzion, The Depth Distribution – a New Characterization for Linear Codes, Ulm, Germany (July 1997).
  6. T. Etzion and A. Vardy, On Perfect Codes and Tilings: Problems and Solutions, Ulm, Germany (July 1997).
  7. R. Talyansky, T. Etzion and R. M. Roth, Efficient Code Constructions for Certain Two-Dimensional Constraints, Ulm, Germany (July 1997).
  8. T. Etzion, A. Trachtenberg, and A. Vardy, Which Codes Have Cycle-Free Tanner Graphs? Boston (August 1998).
  9. T. Etzion and A. Vardy, Two-Dimensional Interleaving Schemes with Repetitions: Constructions and Bounds, Sorrento, Italy (June 2000).
  10. T. Etzion and K. Paterson, Zero/Positive Capacities of Two-Dimensional Runlength Constrained Arrays, Washington (June 2001).
  11. B. Mounits, T. Etzion and S. Litsyn, Improvement on the Johnson Upper Bound for Error-Correcting Codes, Lausanne, Switzerland (July 2002).
  12. Y. Merksamer and T. Etzion, On the optimality of coloring with a lattice, Chicago (July 2004).
  13. T. Etzion and B.Mounits, Quasi-Perfect Codes with Small Distance,  Chicago (July 2004).
  14. M. Schwartz and T. Etzion, Two-Dimensional Burst-Correcting Codes, Chicago (July 2004).
  15. B. Mounits, T. Etzion and S. Litsyn, New Upper Bounds on A(n,d),  Adelaide, Australia (September 2005).
  16. K. Censor and T. Etzion, The Positive Capacity Region of Two-Dimensional Run Length Constrained Channels,  Seattle (July 2006).
  17. I. Tal, T. Etzion and R. M. Roth, On Row-by-Row Coding for 2-D Constraints, Seattle (July 2006).
  18. E. Yaakobi and T. Etzion, Error-Correction of Multidimensional Bursts, Nice, France (June 2007).
  19. T. Etzion and A. Vardy, Error-Correcting Codes in Projective Space, Toronto (July 2008).
  20. T. Etzion, N. Kalouptsidisy, N. Kolokotronisy, K. Limniotisy, and K. G. Paterson, Binary Sequences of Period 2n with Prescribed Critical Error Linear Complexity Prole, Toronto (July 2008).
  21. E. Yaakobi and T. Etzion, High-Dimensional Error-Correcting Codes, Austin, Texas (June 2010).
  22. N. Silberstein and T. Etzion, Codes and Designs Related to Lifted MRD Codes, Saint Petersburg, Russia (August 2011).
  23. T. Etzion, Sidon Sequences and Doubly Periodic Two-Dimensional Synchronization Patterns, Saint Petersburg, Russia (August 2011).
  24. T. Etzion, A. Vardy, and E. Yaakobi, Coding for the Lee and Manhattan Metrics with Weighing Matrices, Instanbul, Turkey (July 2013).
  25. S. Buzaglo, E. Yaakobi, T. Etzion, and J. Bruck, Error-Correcting Codes for Multi-permutations, Instanbul, Turkey (July 2013).
  26. S. Buzaglo, E. Yaakobi, T. Etzion, and J. Bruck, Systematic Codes for Rank Modulation, Honolulu, Hawaii (June-July 2014).
  27. S. Buzaglo and T. Etzion, Perfect Permutation Codes with the Kendall’s τ-Metric, Honolulu, Hawaii (June-July 2014).
  28. N. Raviv and T. Etzion, Distributed Storage Systems Based on Intersecting Subspace Codes, Hong Kong  (June 2015).
  29. E. Ben-Sasson, T. Etzion, A. Gabizon, and N. Raviv, Subspace Polynomial and Cyclic Subspace Codes, Hong Kong (June 2015).
  30. N. Silberstein and T. Etzion, Optimal Fractional repetition Codes and Fractional Repetition Batch Codes, Hong Kong (June 2015).

Information Theory Workshop

  1. T. Etzion and V. Wei, On Two-Dimensional Run-Length-Limited Codes, Salvador, Brazil (June 1992).
  2. V. Skachek, T. Etzion, and R. M. Roth, Ecient Encoding Algorithms for Third-Order Spectral-Null Codes, Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway (July 1997).
  3. T. Etzion, Perfect Codes in the Johnson Schemes, Punta del Este, Uruguay (March 2006).
  4. T. Etzion, Folding, Tiling, and Multidimensional Coding, Taormina, Sicily, Italy (October 2009).
  5. N. Silberstein and T. Etzion, Enumerative Encoding in the Grassmannian Space, Taormina, Sicily, Italy (October 2009).
  6. T. Etzion, A. Vardy, and E. Yaakobi, Dense Error-Correcting Codes in the Lee Metric, Dublin, Ireland (August-September 2010).
  7. M. Horovitz and T. Etzion, Local Rank Modulation for Flash Memories, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (November 2014).

Information Theory and Applications

(in La Jolla, San Diego, January-February each year)

  1. T. Etzion, Stopping Redundancy of Reed-Muller Codes, Information Theory and Applications, 2007.
  2. T. Etzion and A. Vardy, Coding Theory in Projective Spaces, 2008.
  3. T. Etzion, Sequence Folding, Lattice Tiling, and Multidimensional Coding, 2010.
  4. S. R. Blackburn and T. Etzion, The Asymptotic Behavior of Grassmannian Codes, 2012.
  5. N. Silberstein and T. Etzion, Optimal Fractional Repetition Codes, 2014.
  6. M. Horovitz and T. Etzion, Constructions of Snake-in-the-Box Codes for Rank Modulation, 2014.
  7. T. Etzion and A. Wachter-Zeh, Vector network Coding based on Subspace Codes Outperforms Scalar Linear Network Coding, 2016.

Other Conferences

  1. under construction

Program Committee Member

  1. ISIT 2002, Lausanne, Switzerland
  2. SETA 2008, Lexington, KY, USA
  3. ISIT 2011, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  4. SETA 2012, Waterloo, Canada
  5. ISIT 2012, Cambridge, MA, USA
  6. ISIT 2013, Istanbul, Turkey
  7. SETA 2014, Melbourne, Australia
  8. ISIT 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  9. ISIT 2015, Hong Kong, China
  10. ISIT 2016, Barcelona, Spain